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    Cookie behavior?

      One of my co-workers went to a registration landing page I built, and he said when the page opened the form was pre-populated with all of my details! Anyone know why this would happen?

      Also, we used Marketo for an internal company party invitation, and there were instances where someone forwarded their invite to another employee. When the second employee filled out the form on the landing page arrived at via this forwarded link, their submission overwrote the first employee's name and responses, but kept their email address the same. Anyone know what was happening there? Thanks.
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          If you click on a link that was generated for someone else in Marketo, Marketo will assume it is that persons computer and cookie it as the original recipients computer.

          it has no way to tell if you got the link forwarded.
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            Jenn DiMaria
            Jeremy is correct.  The tracking links in each email are assigned to a specific record's cookie.  If someone clicks on that tracking link, the cookie will update lead information with that person's actions (including what they complete in the form - therefore overwriting the original lead's data).

            I would include a "Forward to a Friend" button token so that people can click on that if they'd like to forward the invite.  That, or create all future internal emails as templates in Design Studio, send yourself a test, change the subject line, and then forward it to everyone interally.  This removes all tracking (just in case) while still allowing you to send a nicely designed HTML email.
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              When the cookie is updated to someone else (ie. an employee's computer) is there a way to associate the original lead to the original cookie?  Or would that original lead need to click on a link in an email or fill out a form again?
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                Running into a somewhat similar issue. Was told the email link itself would create the cookie, but once I click on the email, the form is populating info from other leads. I change up emails a lot from testing, but it should still be able to pull the info of the lead who's actually clicking on their own email. Any thoughts or clear solution on this?