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    SMS Text messaging

      I know we can now send text-only messages. Does that potentially give us the capability to send SMS text messages? Has anyone tried this? We're just checking the viability of doing something like this in some foreign markets. Thanks.
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          Will help if you provide more details about the use-case - which countries are you targeting and what kind of info are you planning to send?  What is the frequency and size of the list?  Do you have cleansed mobile phone numbers in the lead DB?

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            There is much for detail because we are early in exploring options. China is probably the leading country as a target. The frequency, size, etc is yet to be determined. Knowing whether the capability exists is a first step. Thanks Raj.
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              You can use twilio (or any other SMS gateway) with a webhook to send SMS msgs today.  If you want to handle unsubscribes and respond to inbound text messages, we have a beta service that can be made available to you