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    Weird Duplicates in Email Link Performance Report?

      I ran an email link performance report on a product welcome email. Several rows of the resulting report look like this...

      1. https://www.acme.com/file-server/apps-and-integrations.html

      2. https://www.acme.com/file-server/https://www.acme.com/file-server/apps-and-integrations.html

      3. https://www.acme.com/file-server/https://www.acme.com/file-server/https://www.acme.com/file-server/https://www.acme.com/file-server/apps-and-integrations.html

      4. https://www.acme.com/file-server/https://www.acme.com/file-server/https://www.acme.com/file-server/https://www.acme.com/file-server/https://www.acme.com/file-server/https://www.acme.com/file-server/https://www.acme.com/file-server/https://www.acme.com/file-server/apps-and-integrations.html

      It looks like the first dozen characters are getting repeated over and over again. I thought these might be duplicates of the same link, but the numbers for each are different. For example, Row 1 might have 10 clicks associated with it, Row 2 might have 13, and so on.

      Has anybody seen this before?

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          We've never experienced this, but have seen strange URLs appear in the pop-up list in the Visits Web Page filter, which had a variety of causes, but one of them was incorrect HTML.  Have you checked the HTML of the links to ensure that they are properly structured?  What do the Activity Logs for the leads that clicked these links show?  You may want to open a case with tech support as they can look at back end info that you can't see.