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Passing program tokens to requestCampaign

Question asked by 18849 on Aug 22, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2013 by 18849
I am trying to use the SOAP API to send emails using the requestCampaign method. I can't seem to get Marketo to replace the tokens in my programTokenList. I received the following error:

Parameters should be either (source, campaignId, leadList) or (source, programName, campaignName, leadList, programTokenList) (20114)

If I make the call and only pass the source, campaignId, and leadList parameters, it works, and sends the email as expected (with all of the default values for tokens). If I try the other method suggested in the error message, I get the same error.

I used the SOAP API getCampaignsForSource to get my campaign name, but I've also tried every other variation. For example, I have a program called Send Email via API, and a campaign called Send Email. I've tried passing those values to programName and campaignName, respectively, but also null for programName and Send Email via API.SendEmail for the campaignName. 

How can I pass the tokens correctly? The following is an example of the code I'm using:

     var response = appBinding.requestCampaign(new ParamsRequestCampaign
                             campaignIdSpecified = false,
                             programName = "Send Email via API",
                             campaignName = "Send Email via API.Send Email",
                             source = ReqCampSourceType.MKTOWS,
                             leadList = new[]
                                     new LeadKey
                                             keyType = LeadKeyRef.IDNUM,
                                             keyValue = Convert.ToString(leadId)
                             programTokenList = new[]
                                     new Attrib
                                             name = "{{my.Subject}}",
                                             value = saveCartUrl