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    Looking for Marketo Consultant Assistance in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

      I am interested in finding Marketo consultants/consulting assistance in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.  We implemented Marketo around six months ago and have six different workspaces for different business units.  
      Also appreciate any advice or comments from those of you who have used an outside consultant company that you would recommend.  And were they onsite or offsite? 

      Items that we would potentially like assistance on are:
      •           Overall best practices
      •           Recommendations on implementing some changes to workspaces and partitions based upon how we are currently using Marketo and how we WANT to be using Marketo.
      •           RCA, and Explorer and how we are/should be using.
      •           Advanced training for admin, power users, and training targeted at web designers developers.
      •           Clean up database recommendations.