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    Imported Responsive Email Templates

           Has anyone used the responsive email templates from the Marketo library? Specifically, the StoreForest (MiniShow) templates?

           So far I've found them to be buggy. For example, there are broken image links in the email templates, but they're the correct in the email draft (the real image URLs are http://na-a.marketo.com/rs/mktodemo17/ instead of http://na-a.marketo.com/rs/marketoreferencelibrary/). 

           I just tried testing some of these default responsive email templates (imported from the Marketo library), and they're really not interpreted by Outlook very well at all (before image download, that is). 

           Here's a preview in OWA before image download:

           And after image load:

           That kind of problem is a deal-breaker in using these templates. Has anyone spent the time to fix this problem with these email templates? Or has anyone else spent the time to find the best tried-and-tested email templates they could share? Coding emails is my absolute least favorite web development work, as it is for nearly all developers.

           Edward Unthank