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    Anonymous Leads Campaign

      Does anyone have any cool 'anonymous leads' campagins set up in Marketo? I feel we have an untapped market, but not sure where to start.

      Do you monitor the Anonymous leads?
      Do you watch for certain activity/behavior?

      Just looking for some ideas. Thanks for your time.

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          Do you have company web activity/web page activity reports set up? That could be a good start! You can add your salespeople to the subscription to ensure they are following up with companies that are visiting the website heavily.

          Also, you may want to consider scoring heavy web page activity, even if they are anonymous. Once they become known, their activity will be attached to their known record and you can do some fancy analysis there.
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            To add to Carol's suggestion, we've setup anonymous web activity for target companies the external sales team is going after. We typically customize it for each sales rep so they can get a custom anonymous web report for their own target accounts. Hope this helps!
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              thank you for your replies