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    MSI Email Performance Tracking


      I am trying to track the performance of marketing emails in Salesforce.  I am new to this so I am looking for help in setting up MSI email performance reporting and would like to also know how granular the reporting gets.  For example, am I able to track opens, clicks, bounces, etc?

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          [[Use Salesforce campaigns]]
          You can also set up "Campaigns" in Salesforce for every Marketo campaign and sync the progression statuses. We have the following statuses for channel type mail blast: Sent, Opened, Clicked, Converted, Unsubscribed. But you could customize this channel to also include Delevired, Bounced, and so on. In Salesforce you could easily create a campaign report on member statuses.

          You could also just subscribe sales reps to Marketo reports by email.
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            I've created Salesforce campaigns.  However, the Marketo emails that the reps send out are not tied to a specific campaign.  How would then I get the reporting for the Marketo emails that reps are manually sending out via Salesforce?
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              Fair question! If the Sales emails are based on a blank template, you could create a single Salesforce campaign which you call Sales Emails. Push open, clicked status and so on to it.

              If the sales emails are tied to existing campaigns, they obviously match to that campaign.
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                     To me, it sounds like the OP was asking about MSI emails - measuring which ones have been sent the most, by whom, and whether they've been opened clicked, etc.

                     In short, there is no clean way to do this. As I mentioned to another poster (https://community.marketo.com/marketodiscussiondetail?id=90650000000PohbAAC):

                Our workaround is to have a smart list that shows the email sent, by subject line--you get a count of how many were sent by each subject line. Then, pull into your smart list view the lead owner's last name so you can see who sent how many. The inherent problem is that if the rep changes the email's subject line, then you can't count that email!
                     I WISH MARKETO WOULD DELIVER ON THEIR PROMISE TO IMPROVE MSI REPORTING. They've been talking about it for years now...

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                  Alexandre Pelletier
                  After a very long waiting time, drum roll: Marketo released a new report type for that specific purpose. You can find the documentation here. 


                  I hope this helps!