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    Reporting by job titles

      Hi ... I would like to get an idea of how many CIO/CMO's (for example), opened, clicked on our email blasts for past 6 months. Is there a way to pull this kind of report by job title?

      I tried 'Leads by Source' and put a filter for 'job titles' but leads by source pulled up just the sources where the leads orignated from ... 

      Does anyone know?

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               Hi Carla,

               In the lead databse, create a smart list for opens and clicks. For your Click report use the "clicked link in email" filter, add the "date of activity" contstraint and include the job title filter.

               Do the same things for opens. Use the "Opened Email", "date of activity" constraint and pull in the job title filter.

               Hope that helps.


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            Hi Carla,

            You can also create a segmentation by job titles, then in an email performance report under "setup" add in "group by segmentation" and select your job title segmentation. 

            This report will show you email performance broken out by each segment in your segmentation.

            Good luck!
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              Hi Carla, i would say the easiest way is to follow Kristen's suggestion.
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                Thanks everyeone for quick input! 

                Gary - In Analystics, under Email Performance, I can create a 'group by segemention' but choice are: Marketable Leads and SF Leads ... nothing for Job Title. Any clue?  

                Kristen - Do I need to create 1 smart list for each activity? OR can I combine them in one list? 

                Would like to pull 1 report with specific job titles that captures all activities for last 6 months. 

                Thank you, again!
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                  Carla, Gary's approach is the one I'd recommend. It'll allow you to sort by title.

                  You'll need to create the segmentation and define the criteria in Lead Database > Segmentations.