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Is it possible I have 0 engaged leads in my engagement program?

Question asked by 2f8ca077186a0375fe97fead50b617f710f9ebb7 on Aug 22, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2013 by 12850
We launched our first engagement program earlier this week. Because we first wanted to test on a small number before rolling out to a larger part of our database, we've added about 4500 leads into the program. 2 casts have gone out and when I look at our results dashboard it appears that we 0 engaged leads.

The content we are using has been optimized over the past month across several other lists testing for open rates, click-thrus and conversions - so I'm confident we are putting our best foot forward here.

I understand there is a private algorithm which determines an engaged lead from a member, but I find it hard to believe that out of a list of 4500 I can't even get 1 pereson to qualify as engaged. Can anyone shed some light onto this?