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    Salesforce Marketo Sync

      Does anyone know how long does a complete refresh from Salesforce to Marketo with around 600,000 records take?
      Also, does anyone know how we can access the sync logs to validate the start and end times for the refresh?
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          Josh Hill
          Did you update SFDC or Marketo with those 600K leads?

          Typically Marketo sync checks every 5 minutes. My understanding is that it can take 1-5 days for larger databases to sync, especially for a first sync...which is why I always do this over a weekend.

          You can check the Notification logs or any Lead Activiy report. I don't recall seeing  a "system log", but you can ask Support to check on this for you.
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            Jep Castelein
            Approximate speed for initial sync: 30k/hr
            Approximate speed for updates to existing records: 10k/hr

            These speeds are the approximate minimum speeds. Depending on a variety of factors your actual speed may be higher. 

            Support has access to more detailed logs