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    Marketo September 2013 Release Notification

      Hi, I've received the email regarding the 2013 release notification and on it, it states on the point about Shorter URLs:

      "Note:  Any link in an email sent out prior to the September release will stop working 90 days after this release"

      What if we have emails set up and scheduled for the future (past the 90 days), what happens to those links in those emails? Do we have to re-do everything?

      Thanks for any insight.


        • Re: Marketo September 2013 Release Notification
          Cathal Moran
          No you don't have to do anything.

          The tracking links are added to the emails as they are sent by Marketo.
          So if you had an email that has links and you send it today it will have the long URL link but if it is also scheduled for next week (after the new release) then it will be sent with the new short tracking link appended to your URL.

          You do not need to edit or reapprove your emails in any way.