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    SFDC field updates

      Hey all,

      Probably a dumb question, but something that keeps popping up:

      I was trying to make some updates to values on a select field in SFDC for role (edited a few existing values and added a few new ones). I had removed this field from a form in Marketo, thinking I'd need to add it back in after the new values synced, but they don't seem to be passing over.

      Is there a magic trick to making sure these types of updates are accurately passed to Marketo? Thanks!
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          Hey Trask,

          How long ago did you check to see if the new field values passed over? It can take a few minutes depending on your Marketo/SFDC sync schedule.

          Also, I can't remember, but you might have to add in the new values to the picklist in the Marketo form after that kind of a change.

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            It looks like giving it a bit longer worked.

            One side question...when I initially pull fields onto a form, Marketo automatically uses the first value in the picklist as the default value that shows on the form. I've manually been adding a Please Select value, but Marketo sees that as a normal value, so someone could actually submit and that would be the value that is captured.

            Is there a way to do the same thing, but make sure that the form validation still works to ensure we're capturing legit data? Thanks!