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    "No Activities Found" After Running a Campaign

      My issue is that every time I run this one campaign, I always get "No Activities Found" under the results tab.

      I have set my campaign up as follows:
      Smart List- original referrer contains "Keyword A"
      Flow- change data value lead source to "Keyword A"
      Schedule- smart list status says it is set to affect 590 leads

      I ran the campaign multiple times and "No Activities Found" still shows up in the results tab. I've set it so Each lead can run through the flow every time. It even shows the date and time for the last run, but still no results.

      If anyone has experienced this or if there's an error in my smart list or flow, please let me know how I can make this work.  I need to change the lead source for all the leads that have that particular keyword in the referring URL.