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Prevent Recipients of Previous Campaign from Receiving a New One

Question asked by 19214 on Aug 28, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2015 by e45b854943b7d76d00fcfcfd3e52ed73788dfd9b

I am setting up a smart campaign for an email send and I wanted to be sure that I am doing it correctly.  I want to be sure that anybody that was sent a previous email (called "Summer Promo 2013_Email 5- Brands" if that makes it easier to follow) will not receive the current campaign I am setting up.

Will the Smart List filter called "Was Sent Email"- "Email: is not" "Summer Promo 2013_Email 5- Brands" work for this?

I was also debating using an inactivity filter in place of this- "was not sent email" but wasn't very clear on the difference between the two.

Thanks in advance for your help!