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Any "gotchas" to using tokens as a form follow-up URL?

Question asked by ba271decb1e093a213347402815477c14f8176d2 Expert on Sep 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2016 by 92f0714dd99b4597a45a540078365f9d3078f9fc
I just discovered it's possible to set a program/folder token as the follow-up URL on a form (using the "External URL) option. I have a frequently used content marketing program that I clone over and over, so I wanted a way to avoid going into the landing pages and fixing the form follow up pages. I feel like using a token here will save me the hassle of going into the editor to fix the follow-up page (or forgetting to do this step entirely). See below for a visual of what I'm referring to:


My question is- has anyone else tried to do this, and have you run into any major issues? It appears the token populates correctly, tracking works, my triggers work, etc, but I just wanted to check if there's something big I'm missing, before I start using this process on every one of my programs.