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    Pushing Leads to SFDC


      I was wondering if some one can share thoughts around pushing leads to SFDC?
      Do you push all leads to SFDC or based on lead score? If you push based on
      lead score than how does sales team know which SFDC campaign got them which
      leads ( question, do they need to know?) If we sync based on score and need
      campaigns also to show up in SFDC without defining in flow for each and
      every campaign , how do we do it?


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          Edward Masson
          Big question here,

          Some push only when they reach a score threshold, some push right a way when created in Marketo.

          If you push right a way senario:
          When you create a suspect in Marketo, sync to SFDC into a queue, when the raw suspects gets nurtured and more info is gathered you can then use SFDC assignment rules to auto-assign to a LDR based on business rules.

          Set up all LDR reps views to show only MQLs, SALs. This way they dont see raw suspects in SFDC when they get synced.
          Now the lead is assign to a lead owner in SFDC, until a score threshold is met then change lead status to MQL, now they pop up on the LDR view in SFDC. You can also add a SFDC Task to the lead owner with alert email. 
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            Rashmi, here is a link to ta very good discussion around this last week: