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    How do you branch to different streams in the Engagement Program Transition Rules?

      I'm transitioning our Traffic Cop-based nurture program to an engagement program and am defining the transition rules for the first stream (Early Stage).  In the Traffic Cop, there are numerous triggers (e.g. Added to List, Revenue Stage is Changed, Added to Opportunity, and Data Value Changes for: Account Status, Title Level).  Then in the Traffic Cop's flow section there is a Request Campaign with numerous Choices based on the changes that occured, which directed the lead to an appropirate nurture program (aka stream). However, in the flow section of the engagement program, there is a Change Program Stream flow action, but it has no Choices.  So if a lead in an early stage nurture downloads content that indicates he's actually in a medium or late stage, how do I branch to the appropriate stage?  Do I need to use a Request Campaign and do the branching there?  If so, what do I do with the Change Engagment Program Stream flow action in the transtiion rules?