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    Pushing Leads to Salesforce


      We setup the Salesforce integration with Marketo and it appears that all of the Salesforce leads were synched over to Marketo, but none of the Marketo leads were synched to Salesforce. We can manually synch a list of leads via the Flow Action, but the recently imported leads to do not synch automatically. 

      As anyone else had this issue? Is there something that we are missing?

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          Hey Patricia,

          That is how the sync works. It is so that you can market to Leads and push them over once they have become a MQL. You can set up trigger campaigns so that every newly created Lead gets pushed to SFDC, but this is not done automatically by the system.
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            You can also create a program that is synched to SFDC as a campaign and if you users have membership in that program then they will be inserted. But following Jeff's thoughts, you want to distinquish between having the individuals information in both systems vs indicating if an MQL is present. We handle this with permissions, so the sales team can't see members only, they have to be MQL status.
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              Josh Hill
              I usually follow the model of sending non MQLs to an SFDC lead queue to ensure data is in both places. That system requires either a push or an SFDC Campaign connection as Clinton suggested.

              Most firms I know of do not push Marketo leads over until they are MQL.
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                     We have something like this:
                     1. Leads enter Marketo as L1 - Unqualified Leads
                     2. At that point in time we check if the meet our L3 - Marketing Qualified Lead criteria (e.g. contact details present)
                     3. If they are L3, the business unit is determined (e.g. GEO, downloaded files),
                         and they are pushed to the right business unit queue in Salesforce.
                     4. If not L3, they are added to nurture programs (tied to the buying journey stage),
                         and lead status changes to L2 - Marketing Nurture.
                     5. Inside sales further qualifies the L3 and decides if there is a business potential.
                         The L3's will be converted to contacts (with or without opportunity) or they are qualified out.
                     6. Qualified out will be removed from SF and end up in long term programs (e.g. social).
                          Qualified contacts are now pushed to sales reps and enter Marketo Sales Support programs (tied to opportunity stage).

                     I have spent a lot of time writing the rules for determining the business unit queue, or determininglead status, but most of all my time was spent on creating the lead life cycle program. Start with your business process first, don't look at the tool (Marketo and Salesforce). E.g. When should your leads be available to sales?

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                  Thanks everyone for your guidance.  Is there any good documentation/online training you would recommend on this Community for how to set up the SF Campaigns that sync with Marketo campaigns to manage enewsletter subscriptions?
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                    We push all leads to sfdc qualified or unqualified.   I have an issue that I am trying to resolve for our marketo admin:

                    The sync was broken for 5 days and I have fixed the sync which is working properly (for new leads) but the 5 days worth of leads from the un-synched period need to be pushed to salesforce. 

                    Should I create program that is synched to SFDC as a campaign and if users filled out any form in that time-frame (5 days) they have membership in that program then they will be inserted and vetted that way?

                    Thanks in advance!
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                      @ Patricia - This one does a pretty good job explaining the ins and outs: http://community.marketo.com/MarketoTutorial?id=kA250000000KytlCAC

                       Noah - I would just search for Leads created in the past 5 days and not synced to SFDC. Even though the sync was broken, Marketo was working fine and will maintain all acquisition data. This can be done through a smart list. You could do this through a Program, but I think that is unnecessary.