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    Adding/Changing the Membership Date of Program Success

      I am importing over 30 programs and roughly 2,000 leads per program from Pardot over to Marketo. I can create a smart campaign to show that users completed (engaged) a smart campaign (downloading a white paper, watched webinar, etc), but in doing so, the success date will be the date in which i complete the flow step. Thus, my analytics will be incorrect when associated with quotes. Has anyone found a way to work this out without having to individually do each one. The dates are very random, so doing each one individually isn't really an option. 
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          Jeff Shearer
          Subscribing, as I've been dealing with a similar issue as of late. What I've done (which is admittedly pretty inelegant) is batch change the success dates by month. So generally if I've got visibility on the lead created data or when they actually succeeded in the campaign (such as the SFDC campaign member field "Member first responded date"), I then just create a smart campaign that will update their success date to the first day of the month in which their membership actually occured. It's not super precise, and a bit of a pain, but it at least gets my historical reporting (most of which is by month) cleaner.

          That said, hoping someone has a cleaner solution than mine!
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            Cathal Moran
            Hi Jesse, 

            You can run a smart campaign to change the program success date to any date of your choice:

            But as you say assuming everyone's success date is different then you would have to run the campaign with a different date numerous times.

            If the New value field in the change success date flow action had the ability to take tokens then potentially it it would be possible to create a custom date field, import your pardot success dates into this field and then use the custom date field as a token in the flow action.

            But unfortunately the flow action doesn't currently accept tokens. It might be worth voting or leaving feedback on the following idea:


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              You should also importatnt their original success date into Marketo as a custom field. You could then filter on that field when doing reporting. 
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                I also worked on a project recently to update successes from 2012 and used the "change success date" as part of my flow steps.  While this did work to change the date when viewing the actual contact's activity, the date shown within the Opportunity Influencer Analyzer remains the date that I added the actual Success to the contact.  Does anyone know if there's a work around to update the OIA to reflect the back-dated date of the success?
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                  Jeff Coveney
                  I've run into some real issues with the backdating of program membership for programs that I synced over from legacy SF Campaigns.

                  Before I backdate 50 or so Programs, I've updated a sample Program's success dates which worked great (Similar to Jeff's process). However, RCA still treats the membership date at the time of the program sync rather than the success date.

                  I'm trying to figure out if there is a bug in the system or if I need to do something differently. 

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