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    Tokens within a Form

    Leah Grosky
      Do tokens work within a form? 
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          Hi Leah,

          Can you provide an example? 
          What is it that you need to do with a token in a form that you cannot accomplish with the Form Prefill option?
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            Dan Stevens
            Yes you can, to some extent.  Placing a lead token within a rich text field will work fine.  But where we would really like to use this is for the custom disclaimers that are required on our event registration forms.  In this case, a local, program token - e.g., {{my.EventDisclaimer}} would be used to produce the custom disclaimer, while using a single form.  Unfortunately, when doing this, the form doesn't even display on the landing page.  So while you can use lead (and probably even system) tokens, local tokens do not work - at least in our testing.