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Using Inferred Country and Inferred State to assign leads?

Question asked by 12379 on Oct 11, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2014 by ade9fd786355bcb7ec084c81cdc79d7b9c45d661
Has anyone created lead assignment rules in MKTO to assign lead owners based on MKTO Inferred Country and Inferred State?  Currently, our lead assignment rules sit in SFDC and are based on Country and State/Province.  I'm looking for ways to reduce the number of fields on our MKTO forms and considering whether to eliminate Country and State/Province and just use the MKTO Inferred data to assign leads.

Here are my questions:
- Has anyone gone down this path and what has your experience been?
- Are there any issues or challenges that I should consider in using the Inferred Country and State data?