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Engagment program Bounce report

Question asked by 39247 on Oct 24, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2013 by 41383
So I will admit up front I am brand new to Marketo and not too savvy.  In fact I hope my issue is a super easy one that is solved right away by someone in the know. :-)

I need to be able to look at the contacts that have not recieved emails from my engagement stream due to bouncing. 

What I've tried:

-Creating an egagement stream report.  This shows me how many bounces there were, but I cannot click to view which contacts bounced.

-Creating a smart list to view contacts that bounced.  Easily could have done this improperly, all I know is no "qualified leads" showed up in the list when I tried this.  I used the email bounced and email bounced soft filters, specified which emails in the stream I wanted to use for the filter, said to look at information for the last 30 days.  What am I missing?