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    Munchkin Reporting

      We are setting up Munchkin tracking on some of our landing pages.  Is the only place to view the tracking results in the Web Page Activity report?

      I'm not showing any data in that report so wondering if I'm looking in the wrong place.  I want a list of people who hit the page I added the Munchkin to.  Where do I find that?
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          The easiest way to do that is with a Smart List and the Visited Web Page filter. That should give you everyone who hit that page, assuming Munchkin is correctly setup.
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            Will a smart list include annonymous leads as well are current leads in our database?
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              Also, if I can't locate the URL I'm looking for in the drop down menu of that filter does that mean the tracking code is not set up properly?

              For example, I have the filter Visited Web Page, Web Page is - my URL but it is underlined in red and says it's an invalid value.

              Do I need to go back to my IT department and tell them the Munchkin is not set up properly?

              Thanks for your help!
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                Hey Rebecca,

                For your first question, the answer is no. Anonymous activity will not show in a smart list. 

                For your second question, I'm not sure if that is what that means, but when working with links and landing pages, the system can be a little fickle. I would try putting in a portion of the url and allow the system to search to see what you get. I've noticed that sometimes if you just copy and paste a value, you will get the red squiggly line. But if you either click back in the field and click out, or select the the value provided by Marketo, then it works just fine.

                Hope that makes sense, but let me know if it doesn't and I will clarify further.
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                  Actually Jeff, you can get anonymous leads in a Smart List assuming you aren't including other filters which will exclude them (like asking for a name or email address)

                  Rebecca - If you're trying to test out Munchkin, I recommend the following process:
                  1.           Make a Marketo Landing Page and place a simple form on it
                  2.           Fill out that form with your email address
                  3.           Browse around some websites in that domain (hopefully your landing page and corporate website is in that domain)
                  4.           Go to the Lead DB and search for your lead by email address
                  5.           Select that lead and go to the activity log tab
                  On the Activity Log tab you'll be able to see a feed of activities you've done, hopefully including web pages. If you're not seeing that, I'd chat with support a bit and see if they can't help you get going.
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                    Thanks for the clarification Erik! Sorry for misleading you, Rebecca. My understanding was that anyone who has never filled put any kind of form was anonymous activity. But this is a good distinction to know.