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    Email Stats - Opened

      Does anyone know if the # of opens is unique or if it's a running count? I'm building a campaign to send out to members of a previous campaign who haven't opened the email and the numbers aren't matching based on the email stats on the initial campaign.
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          The "opens" should be uniqe if I'm not mistaken. Also, one thing to remember is that those on your list have to "download pictures" in the email for Marketo to register the Open. It's quite possible that people read/clicked your email and it doesn't show on your report becuase they didn't download images.

          While this is most likely a lower percent of your list, it's something to be aware of.

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            My confusion is we launched a smart campaign to 97 people. The email report is telling us that 49 people opened the email. We then set up a second smart campaign with the smart list grabbing anyone from the initial campaign who did not open the email we sent them. This second campaign should only be sending to 48 people however the campaign is showing that 60 leads qualify. I'm not understanding why the numbers are so off.