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A nifty use of tokens

Question asked by 26770 on Oct 7, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2013 by 26770
Do you have a program for each piece of content you have? Do you also drag-and-drop them in engagement programs? Using tokens can customize the content program per engagement program (A content item can live in several engagement programs).

We have a lot of content programs (1 for each of piece of content we have). Some items are included in several engegament programs. We also have a welcome page for each engagement program that contrains deep links to each of the items with the engagement programs. This enables a lead to move throught the content faster, thus becoming MQL faster.

We want to refer to this page in every teaser email, but for an item that lives in several engagement programs, that proofs difficult. But not with the use of tokens.

In the content programs' teaser emails include an area which you populate with a tokens (e.g. {{my.EngagementMessage}}). However you don't populate the tokens with the content program, but in each engagement program. So it will be empty when used as stand-alone, but populated with the relevant message per engagement program.