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Looking for feedback on creating leads on contacts do you do this?

Question asked by Kimi Heskett Expert on Sep 18, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2013 by 37233
Currently our calling team is calling on leads – obviously. They also call on contacts that are really leads. But since they are already a contact in SFDC they can’t be a lead or in a lead queue. We are remedying this calling list by using both tasks and/or insidesales.

It was brought up to possible create leads on everything, even if they are already a contact. That lead is then either disqualified or qualified and then the opp is attached to the contact that was already in the system.

We feel that we are missing out on excellent marketing reporting by not being able to report on the lifecycle of the ‘leads’ (that are already contacts).

Do anyone do this? Intentionally create duplicates? If so, tell me more!