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    API returns value as TOO COMPLEX

           I am trying to extract ActivityRecord with Activity Filter with the help of getLeadChanges

           Following is parameter I am passing as the soap request. to API along with auth header info .

           <paramsGetLeadChanges xmlns="http://www.marketo.com/mktows/">
             <startPosition xmlns="">
             <activityFilter xmlns="">

           UpdateOpprtntyInSales has one of the attribute as Data Value Changes , in marketo this attribute contains data however when I get value of attributes through API I am getting value as TOO COMPLEX

           In marketo this attribute contains following data.

      Attribute Name: Deployment Model
           Old value:
           New Value: TBD

      Attribute Name: Implemented by.
           old value:
           new Value: Birst;Partner;Customer

      and so on...


           Please suggest me how I can get actual value from marketo.

           Thanks in advance