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    Smart List Exceptions

      Bit of a newbie so forgive the question;

      Is there a way of "excepting" certain leads from a FINAL smart list.

      SmartListToBlastOut = SmartListAlreadyBlastedOut less SmartListOfLeadsThatReplied
      SmartListToBlastOut = MyRandomSmartList less SmartListofEmailDomainNamesIDontWantToSendTo

      There appears to not be a "Not In" in the Filter, only Ands and Ors.

      I know I could go back to first principles and build up the list but these can get complex - much better to use a list already created and "except" off that list. Surely! :-)
        • Re: Smart List Exceptions
          You can set conditions such as

          Member of Smart List IN my_smart_list_1
          Member of List NOT IN my_static_list_1

          That can be used for Member of Engagement Program, List, Porgram, Revenue Model, Smart Campaign or Smart List.

          It is possible to associate with ALL (logical AND), ANY (logical OR) or Advanced Filters (custom)