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    Engagement Engine Success

      I'm curious how people are finding the Engagement Engine so far.. we are still in early stages of setting up our Nurture Program and am trying to work out any pain points that may have come up for other people.. What do you think of it? Easy to use? The (very thorough) training webinar is a bit overwhelming -- too much info is always better though!
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          I have been using the engagement Engine for about a month and I think it has a big margin of improvement. There should be more internal controls on how to add/remove leads from the engine and, most of all, more visibility on the emails that are sent. With the standard Smart Campaign, I can see at anytime how many emails are being sent, how many are delivered etc. Here I think I'm left in the dark, unless I'm missing something.....
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            Carrie Lawson
            i would also like to see some improvements to the testing of these streams.