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Customizing Unsubscribe

Question asked by 7bd945c890da454f04c45e613130f586b2ee3fcf on Sep 10, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2013 by 7bd945c890da454f04c45e613130f586b2ee3fcf
We are having some issues with our unsubscribe. The link goes to a page where the person can select which types if content to unsubscribe from or opt to unsubscribe to all. It seems clear to me but Im seeing email complaints come through from people getting emails because they online unsubscribed from 1 or 2 types of content. 

Is there a way to customize the unsubscribe so the link in our nurture programs for example opts them out of that campaign but not all emails? Pretty much looking for the 'pause' functionality that we have in Salesforce but enable the recipient to stop/pause themselves. Possible? Anyone doing something like this?