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    How SFDC and Marketo lead sync works while restricting leads

      Hi there,

      I'm planning to integrate SFDC and Marketo with following conditions.

      * SFDC only syncs leads whose lead owner is Marketo user.
        it means, on SFDC, Marketo user only access their own leads.

      I'm wondering what will happen in following cases.

      1) When Marketo captures a new lead which hasn't been synced from SFDC but actually exists on SFDC as a lead, and these two leads have a diffirent lead owner (one is Marketo User, one is someone assigned).

      In this case, does SFDC create a new lead, or update existing SFDC lead status using Marketo data?
      If they update lead status with Marketo data, is there any rules? for example, SFDC lead status will be updated only if Marketo has a newer status.

      2) When the lead owner of a lead is changed on SFDC, Marketo user would no longer has an access to this lead and Marketo can't update the 'lead owner' status with a new owner name. Then Marketo keep this lead as the one whose lead owner is Marketo user. What will happen at the next sync? Does SFDC create a new lead or update lead owner status, or do nothing?

      Probably I should know the basic rule of lead sync, but unfortunately I couldn't find it.

      If you could help me I'd really appreciate it.
      Thank you so much for your time.