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    Custom Program Tags and Email Performance Reports

      Right now, I have multiple Programs set up with the sole purpose of emailing, but they all are parts of different sales objectives. As such, I've created a custom "Sales Objective" tag for each of these programs for sorting purposes. Although I can run Program Performance based on these tags, the statistics given by that report are largely useless for the purposes of these emails. I'd love to be able to run an Email Performance Report filtering by program tags, but can't find any way to do so (or for that matter, to do so without manually selecting campaigns rather than a search term.) Is this possible? Are there other ways to slice and dice email performance reports based on the type of email sent?
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          Josh Hill

          I recommend creating several Email Performance Reports based on the emails. If you've organized your Programs by Type in folders, it'll be easy to select them.

          An alternative is to use the Smart List option to pull in Leads who match the Programs and Progressions you want. Keep in mind that the results will depend on both the Emails selected and the Leads who had activity.

          So you will pull a subset of email performance based on the leads chosen.
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            Josh Hampleman

            This may be too late to help you but could help someone else.

            You could replicate the Email Performance Report using Revenue Cycle Explore's Email Analysis where you can group and filter based on Program Tags.

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