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    Batch Campaign uses real-time or cached data?

      When applying a new lead scoring process, we have both batch and trigger campaigns and I was wondering which is the optimal order to run them. To know this, I need some clarification on how batch campaigns work. Do they:

      1.           Use real-time data - While a batch scoring campaign is running, if you change a lead variable (when the batch has not yet processed that lead) it will take into account the new change and apply the new score for that lead.
      2.           Use cached data - No matter when or what variable you change, once the batch campaign has been run, it uses the data present at the time 'Run' was activated, so will be unaffected by scoring triggers activating simultaneously, for example.

      I think #2 would allow for a more accurate lead scoring set up, as you could run all the batch campaigns and then activate triggers straight away with little downtime (chance of missing a behavioural action) and no risk of scoring a lead on the same category twice.

      How does Marketo currently do this?
      What are your methods for reducing the risk of missing/duplicating a behavioural action when scoring?

      Many thanks in advance for your discussion/suggestions!