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    Progressive profiling and email address change

      Hi Community--

      We are witnessing the following issue:

      A known lead visits a second (or third, fourth, etc.) form. On that second form, in addition to having progressive profiling questions enabled, the Email field is available for updating as well, in case that lead's email address has changed since the last time they visited us, e.g. change company, new company domain, etc.

      However, if this lead does change his email address, another lead is created instead of having that second form-fill-out tied back to the original lead. This is causing major headaches because now we have two lead records instead of one and the activity history is now split between two different leads.

      I understand that Marketo looks at email address is the unique identifier, but what about Marketo's cookie tracking? Isn't this how Markto identified this unique lead in the first place?

      Does anyone have insight on this issue?