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Smart List to exclude bounced email addresses

Question asked by 65eb3f7bafb6a6f627b139452715512ae05613bd on Jan 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2014 by 65eb3f7bafb6a6f627b139452715512ae05613bd
Hi everybody,

I totally new to using Marketo so please excuse me if this is a very basic question!

For a webinar we are consucting in a few weeks I have been asked to create a list of german speaking leads whom we can send an invitation to. In order to do this I created a new smartlist with the relevent countries included. This then returned a list of approximately 2500 leads. However I noticed that some of these have previously had emails sent to them which have bounced. 

So my question is how can I add another variable to the smartlist to exclude those with bounced emails?

Any help is greatly appreciated,