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Sept Release: Shorter URLs affects

Question asked by Justin Showers on Sep 12, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2013 by Justin Showers
In regards to the following update in the September release:
  •           Shorter URLs – email URLs have been given a trim to be click friendly to the recipient, while preserving all tracking functionality
Note:  Any link in an email sent out prior to the September release will stop working 90 days after this release
     We actually see a decent amount of activity trickle in from past emails that have been sitting in someone's Inbox for a few months... even up to a year or more. (Makes sense when you focus on content marketing and people keep these messages or clean out their Inboxs and have a moment of interest due to the value they perceive.) We'd hate to miss out on these chance Opportunities, especially since it's from money/time already invested.

     Is there a way to address this problem?