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    Replace a snippet

      The following steps do not seem to work:
      1. Create an email from template.
      2. Replace an editable content area with snippet using the context menu.
      3. Save email.
      4. Edit email, remove the snippet using the context menu.
      5. Replace with a different snippet using the context menu.

      The previous snippet ends up in its place. Is this a bug, or is there any reason it doesn't work (consistently) ?

        • Re: Replace a snippet
          Hi Michelle,

          I have followed the exact process you have described.
          I have no problems.
          4. When I remove the snippet, it will show the original template content.
          5. When I add a new snippet (with context menu) I can still pick any other snippet, and it will show that other snippet.

          Does this happen to you everytime you do this?
          Or did it happen only once?

          If it keeps happening, please contact support and log a support case.