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    Deduplication plug-in?

      Anyone know of a plug-in or something that could help deduplication in side Marketo for those of us using DYNCRM? Deduping / merging leads in Marketo is not yet supported for Dynamics CRM.
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          Kenny Buckles
          I don't know a ton about MS Dynamics.  But I think you are going to have to create some duplicate detection rules.  Here is an article that I found: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg309427.aspx

          However, it looks like that solution is only good for MS Dynamics CRM 2011 and MS Dynamics CRM Online, so it may not work for you if you are using the newest version.
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            Thanks Kenny, I was more looking for a dedupe workaround inside marketo. we have alot of dupes in there. and because we use dynamics CRM, marketo doesnt dedupe or merge for us:-(