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How to Sync Salesforce Professional and Block Fields without Custom Profiles

Question asked by c1d1edef54cdd2d945e7d651cc7783d00d14b85c on Oct 2, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2013 by 8442
All the Marketo documentation speaks to the importance of blocking fields when syncing Salesforce to Marketo so you don't have too many API calls and slow down the system.  Currently I have Salesforce Professional with no custom profiles.  I created a Marketo salesforce user that is a system admin.  The only way I know to block fields is by going into Salesforce, customizing page layout, and removing fields I don't want to sync.  Unfortunately, this removes the fields for all Salesforce users so this is unacceptable to the sales team.

Any ideas on how I can only edit page layout for only our Marketo user in Salesforce professional without custom profiles?