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    Campaign Membership to SFDC Lead Failing

      I am fairly new to using Marketo, but have used other MA platforms before.  I am trying to figure out why our "Add To SFDC Campaign" action in our campaign flow is not working.  

      It is a customer base campaign (so there is an existing SFDC Account and Contact for the Marketo Lead), and we have a POI model in place (New lead is created if one does not exist, regardless of the existance of a related contact).  

      The campaign is associating to the contact record, but it is not associating to the new lead that is created.  Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get it to associate to both?
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          Hi John,

          Are you syncing your campaigns between SFDC and Marketo at the program level?

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            Hi Patty.  I didn't know that was an option, but I see that it looks like that can be done.  Question - will that only sync my responses, or will it create leads out of my sends as well?
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              Hi John,

              Remember that "Lead" in Marketo means something different than it means in SFDC.  The answer is Marketo will sync all activities.  You can manage flow actions with campaigns/tasks.


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                Because you mention that new leads are created as part of the campaign, I assume there is a landing page/form involved in the campaign that someone could fill out and there by come in as a new lead. If so, you need an additional trigger campaign that's listening for a form fillout on that specific page and then add them to the same sfdc campaign.
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                  I was able to figure out a way to make this work.  If you running a "Point of Interest" strategy within SFDC, you will need this so that your campaign attribution is not broken.  For clarification, POI is:
                  •           If SFDC Lead ID exists, update lead
                  •           If SFDC Contact ID exists, create a new lead anyway
                  The reason we do this is because our sales team only works off of leads, and we have multiple products and services to sell, so customers will re-enter the sales process.

                  How I fixed it:
                  1.           I created two new fields on the SFDC Lead object:  Customer Base Lead Created Updated Date and Lead Source Detail
                  2.           As part of the Smart Campaign triggered by form submission, I created flow that updates the Customer Base Lead Created Date with a date/time stamp, and updates the Lead Source Detail with the actual campaign name.  I already had a sync to salesforce campaign created to create the new lead
                  3.           I created another smart campaign that triggers off of changes to the Customer Base Lead Created field AND where the Lead Source Detail field = my campaign name.  I then used the Add to SFDC Campaign in the flow to associate the campaign to the new lead
                  The reason this is all necessary is because Marketo can't seem to handle having a Marketo Lead record that has both a SFDC Contact ID and Lead ID.  It ends up creating a duplicate record that does not have all of the activity history on it.  But, the solution as described above, works.