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    Static generic link to a sent email?

      We have some difficulty with deliverability to internal email addresses from Marketo (currently worked on), but we stlil want to notify internal folks when emails to our prospects/customers/partners are sent and include a way for them to access the email.

      All the links that I find to the sent email - like the "View as a webpage" - seem to have the Marketo token(s) attaching the view to the specific email recipient. Is there a way to get a static generic link to an email that has been sent? I would then include this static generic link in just a basic email I would send internally via Outlook to ensure deliverability and internal folks would know what prospects/customers/partners received.

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          Hey Brandon,

          The way we handle this is by creating a landing page. The process is this:
          - Create a landing page
          - Add an html box to the landing page
          - Copy the html from the email
          - Paste in the html box
          - Move to center of the landing page
          - Approve
          - Provide to whomever!

          Hope that helps!
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            It would be nice if this was an automated feature that you could check - similar to the "publish to Marketo Sales Insights" on the email settings to publish to a landing page or something similar. I'll look for this in the ideas area and if I can't find it, I'll add it and provide the link here.