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    SFDC Campaign not stopping Marketo Campaign

      Please help. My Smart Campaign works fine when added within SF as a campaign member, however when I select the lead/contact within SF as a non-member it does not remove from the flow/marketo campaign. Am I missing something?
      Thank you in advance.
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          Josh Hill
          You need to do this from the Marketo side.

          Go to the Program > Member and select the member to make "not in program"

          If the lead is in a Wait Step within a Smart Campaign, then you need to do one of two things:

          1. Run a sister campaign that says if Member of Smart Campaign IN "X" then Remove from Flow
          2. Go to the Campaign > Member list and select the lead. Then use Lead Actions > Remove from Flow
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            Thanks Josh, but surely you can stop the flow/campaign from Salesforce by editing the member status.
            Currently, I have a sister campaign that removes one from the campaign of 'Status is changed in SFDC Campaign'  where the old status is MEMBER and the new is NON MEMBER and then under flow using both 'Remove from SFDC Campaign' and 'Remove from Flow'

            I thought this would trigger the campaign flow in MKTO when we changed the member status in SF to NON MEMBER.
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              Does the Mkto Program sync to the SFDC Campaign?

              You could also add a  CHANGE PROGRAM STATUS > NOT IN PROGRAM to remove the lead from the Mkto program.