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Links that require mktNoTrack no longer appear on sample emails?

Question asked by 18717 on Oct 1, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2014 by Kelly Cronin
Not sure if it was the most recent update, or one prior, but we used to be able to see if a link would "break" and require mktNoTrack when we sent the test emails to ourselves.  Unfortunately, our website is built on Expression Engine which doesn't support certain parameters in URLs, so if we point to our website in an email then we have to use mktNoTrack.  Normally we remember to do this as we're building the email, but the test email was our stop-gap in case we forgot.   

It seems like since they've changed from test emails to sample emails, this no longer works?!  We sent out a large email blast this morning and even though we tested every link in our sample email, there was still a main link in the email that pointed to our site, so it would have required a mktNoTrack code, and we didn't know until the email hit everyone. 

Essentially, sample emails are now useless to us, we'd have to send the actual email to our seed list prior to sending to everyone.

Has anyone else experienced this, and do you have any suggestions?  We'd love to have our test emails back!  Thanks in advance!