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    Acquisition Program "New Names" in SFDC Campaigns

    Itay Billet
      I'm trying to see some program numbers in SF campaigns, the most important number that's missing is "New Names".
      However,  On Field Management I'm able to see mapping of "Acquisition Program Name" field to SF fields:
           mkto2__Acquisition_Program__c (SFDC Lead)
           mkto2__Acquisition_Program__c (SFDC Contact)

           Did anyone managed to display this in SF Campaigns?


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          Hello Itay,

          As you'll see, it's mapping to a lead/contact field and not a campaign object field. Plus, it's only mapping a text value and not tying it to a campaign.

          We have transferred the "New Name" value to SalesForce by:
               1) Creating a field on the lead/contact (mapped together) that's a lookup to the campaign object. We call this field "Lead Source Detail"
               2) In Marketo, when Lead Source is populated, we also populate Lead Source Detail with the appropriate campaign ID
               3) On the campaign object, we created a roll-up summary of all Leads/Contacts who have that campaign listed as their "Lead Source Detail". We call this field "New Names" on the campaign object.
          If you decide to go in this direction, I'd be happy to provide any additional details you need.

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            Itay Billet
            I'd like to hear additional details about that, thanks!
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              Delinda, in the case where an anonymous lead was created via website visit, and then becomes known via form fill, do you base the Lead Source on the initial visit source (e.g. original referrer querystring values) or on the first form they fill out? 

              We are currently capturing the original source (based on querystring values) in a cookie, which was how we had to do it when we were using Eloqua, but with Marketo creating an anonymous lead record, this information is preserved in the Original Referrer field as long as the URL / querystring isn't longer than 255 characters.  If Marketo ever fixes this (vote for Change Original Referrer field type from text to text area), then we would likely abandon using our cookie and use the anonmous lead record's Original Referrer value.
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                Our definition of lead source is "the channel that drove a lead's engagement with us." Simply visiting our website would not count as an engagement - you have to complete a form. Therefore, the "Original Referrer" field doesn't work for us. Also, when  a lead is created by a non-Web channel, "List Import" is pretty general. We need to track the specific program.

                We have it set up so that every program (email, ad, etc.) is tagged with a query string. When a lead visits a page with that query string, it is recorded in their browsing history within Marketo. When they complete any form on our site, there is a Smart Campaign watching for form completions. It checks the last 12 hrs of their browsing history for query strings. If it finds one, the response is credited to the appropriate program. If it doesn't find one, the response goes into a general "Web Direct/Referral" program. Every program is synced with a SFDC campaign calculating new names, responses, and every other custom field we need.

                This is similar to the cookie method, but it didn't require a developer to set up and it will work even if the query string naming convention is inconsistent.
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                  Thank you for this detailed information! Would you mind showing a screenshot of how you have the tracking built in the hidden form fields? And also a screenshot of the smart list in the smart campaign that adds the record to the appropriate web referral prgram? I'm struggling to get similar tracking set up in my instance and have yet to see good examples of how this is working in a live environment. Any additional insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated. 

                  - Ashley