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    Multistep campaign in engagement program

      How would the cadence be calculated if in the flow of a stream there is a multistep campaign?

      For example, my stream cadence is every 10 days. I add a campaign as cast 1 that has a flow of send an email, wait three days, send another email. After this campaign, there is cast 2. After how many days would cast 2 kick in?
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          It would be 10 days after the initial campaign was run. The engagement program won't look to see whether or not the actions were completed, but merely when it began.  So if you have...

          Campaign - Email 1 & Email 2
          Email 3

          as your stream. And you have a 10 day cadence, if the cast goes out on Tuesday, then the Campaign 1 begins on Tuesday first sending out Email 1. Then on Friday it sends out Email 2. Then the following Friday, 10 days after Campaign 1 began, it would send out email 3. 

          That being said I don't think you can have a 10 day cadence. You can have 7 or 14 days, but I doubt 10. If you can do that let me know how.
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            Thanks! That's exactly what I was trying to figure out. Unfortunatelly, I was hoping for a different answer...

            When running webinars, given that we don't promote them too far out in advance, was hoping to interupt the flow of the stream with invite and reminder if email is not opened through the streams rather than running another program in parallel risking to send multiple emails the same day or more frequently than I'd like it to be.

            And you answered the next question on my mind  - I wish there was a way to set frequency in days rather than just week day. That definitely would help to do some testing on what days work the best. 

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              You could probably use the "Pause" function within the engagement program to accomplish what you're looking to do.

              You can also use the new Communication Limits to prevent people from getting too many emails at a time.

              - Emily