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Best practice to deal with active scheduled batch and trigger campaigns during change window of Marketo SSL implementation

Question asked by eaf29b206eb090a150dd2ebc21da77e5232c58a3 on Aug 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2014 by c101158fce2c7ea834303c3d3b0489ee3baffa4a

We are going to implement SSL certificate at our Marketo environment. One of the steps that Marketo recommend around the change window is to do not run mailing campaigns.

At our environment, we have three kinds of active campaigns
1. Batch campaigns with no schedule. This is one-time batch (Use “Run Once”)
2. Batch campaigns with recurrence schedule
3. Trigger campaigns

I think we can skip consideration of #1 for Batch campaigns with no schedule. However, for #2 and #3, could anybody who has experiences of SSL immplementation share with us best practice on how to handle those two kinds of active campaigns? Is it necessary to remove recurrence schedule for batch campaign (#2) and deactivate all active trigger campagins (#3) during the change window ? We have many active campagins and it would be time consuming for us to deactivate one by one.

Thank you very much.