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    Preview HTML emails with blocked images

      The preview functions for both HTML and plain text emails work really well, but, I am a Gmail user and so often new emails from unrecognized senders are filtered at first to prevent any of the images showing up. This image-less version looks somewhat different from the HTML, and of course the plain text.

      Does anyone know a way, or maybe Marketo could add a new preview tool, to allow me to see what the email will look like in an unstructured HTML environment.

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          We do this the old-fashioned way—email client testing. This issue is also very applicable to Outlook, which blocks images at first.

          You can purchase Litmus, which offers some nicely extensive email testing for different clients, or you can just get lots of testing accounts and see how an email sample looks in every option. It's really more of a business-needs question regarding which makes the more sense for your company. I actually don't know if Litmus offers the blocked-images-from-downloading view for Gmail or Outlook, but I personally like to test things myself in the native clients. 

          Edward Unthank
          Marketing Operations Specialist