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    Event management platform

      Hi All,

      I am  currently looking for a comprehensive enterprise event management platform which has been fully integrated into Marketo.

      Any suggestions welcome???


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          Josh Hill
          Looks like Cvent is:

          I've used Cvent and eventbrite, although not directly integrated at the time. Definitely possible to setup a registration page on Marketo and then pass the data to Cvent or eventbrite to ensure data is collected and a fairly seamless experience.
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            Hello Chris,
            We are currently using CVent but are not happy with the results and have plans to drop it at the end of our annual contract.  The main issue we faced was the sync between SFDC and Cvent, while this is not a direct issue with Marketo, due to SFDC syncing to Marketo and vice-versa it became a Marketo issue by default.  We were never able to get the synch to work with any degree of accuracy.  Standard fields such as; city, state or email would oddly/randomly not sync with SFDC. We even had a consultant from Cvent in for a visit, and he admitted that there were some software issues that can break the sync. 

            It's very possible that by removing SFDC from the process that Cvent and Marketo play well together. 

            We plan on using a combination of AtEvent, WordPress and some custom coding to replace Cvent.

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              Michelle Tiziani
              I am echoing what Mattew said above.  That is the same experience that we're having with CVENT.  Our event director is switching to another vendor, but is doing his research first.  @Matthew T, how does WordPress come to play?
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                Thanks guys. I will surely try and do my homework before making any sort of decision.

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                  @Michelle, one of the advantages of Cvent was the CC processing feature.  We charge for some of our events, and WP has a few plugins available that can handle CC processing.  It would be AWESOME if marketo offered some option for secure CC processing, but that feature lies outside the realm of marketing.