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    Average Lead Data Completion

      Second Question :-)

      Is it possible to mark a group of fields and say if a lead has data in all of these fields they are concidered "Complete"? 

      Then we would like to look at the "Complete" leads and track what is the average time from creation to "Completion"

      If these are both possible, how would they be created?
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          Yes - you could do this, especially if you have the Revenue Cycle Modeler. Create an inventory stage called 'Complete', say from the Known stage and have a trigger campaign as a transition between the Known and the Complete stage. That way Marketo can capture how many days does it take for a lead to go from Known to Complete.

          Hope this helps!!
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            Hey Scarlett,

            You cannot mark the particular field, but you can create a custom field called "Complete Lead" (or whatever works for you). Once that is completed, you can create a smart list where any Lead with all the information is filled in is grouped together, and then mark your custom field true. Then, once you have done that, you can create a trigger campaign to watch these fields. You would use the Data Value Changes trigger and add that for every field the Lead needs to be considered complete. Then, you need to add a filter for every field saying that the field is not empty. For ex:


            What this will do is every time one of the fields that needs to be filled for the record to be considered completed is modified, they will run through this trigger campaign. When they do and all of the fields are filled, then your flow step would be to Change Data Value of "Complete Lead" to "TRUE". 

            Depending on how many fields you need to be filled for the Lead to be considered complete, this could take some time to set up, but should accomplish what you are looking to do.

            And if you want to monitor Leads that become incomplete, you can create that trigger campaign as well. Use the same triggers, but change the constraints to be New Value is empty. You won't need all of the filters, just the "Complete Lead" filter. Have that be set to "TRUE" in your smart list. Then, in the flow steps, Change Data Value of "Complete Lead" to "FALSE". 

            That was a lot! Let me know if you need any further clarification.
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              Jeff's solution is excellent.  If you're willing to sacrifice real-time updates, a batch campaign checking these fields for completeness every night would be a bit simpler to implement.
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                Jeff I love this idea.  Since posting this question I've been thinking about how to do this.  I did think of a smart list but not a custom field.  I will certainly create a custom field.  Will I need two custom fields or one (one "complete" TRUE and one for "complete" date)?  I would like to capture the date it becomes "complete" so I can compare it to the date it was created. 
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                  Absolutely, if that is the data you want to collect, then a custom field for "Completion Date" would be necessary. And all you would need to do is add one additional "Change Data Value" flow step to the trigger campaign you are already creating: Change Data Value -> "Attribute: <Completion Date>; New Value: {{system.Date}}"

                  But keep in mind if you want to keep track of whether the Lead was complete, then changed to be not complete, you may want to have the name of your date field reflect that, something like "Complete Lead Field Modification Date", or something a little more elegant. Just all depends on what you are trying to do!